Keepers & Rejects: A running list

The friend who surprises you with a coffee (or a fountain Coke). #Keeper

The person who is sorely under-qualified for their position, so much so it’s baffling as to how they even landed the job…oh right, they “know” somebody. #Reject

The guy who sends good morning/goodnight messages. #Keeper

Chris Brown. #Reject

The friend who can communicate with you using only facial expressions. #Keeper

People who wear white bottoms (pants or skirt) and sandals in -10 weather … I don’t care what the occasion is, we live in Canada, smarten up. #Reject

People who rest their head on the plastic subway partition, leaving behind a greasy residue. Gross #Reject

The avid Facebook “Check-In” user. We get it, your social life is uber-active, but trust me no one cares how many Paul’s Boot Camp classes you attend and how great they were. #Reject

The bus/subway rapper/singer wanna-be. #Reject

The ‘I bought a fancy camera so I am a photographer’ person on your social media accounts. #Reject

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