The unenthusiastic bride-to-be

What is it about weddings that make people (women) crazy?


It is an age-old question grooms to be and MOH’s have been asking themselves – for perhaps – ages.

Is it a fever I just haven’t caught yet?

I sit scrolling through Facebook updates, countdowns and photos (Gawd, the photos) of a woman in white (not yet wed, looks like bachelorette parties) surrounded by more women in matching outfits. These are grown women, why can’t they be left to dress themselves?

Sure, I get it, this is the bride-to-be’s time – it is her day (year)- and hell, maybe one of these girls already put her through the same thing – but really, does everyone and their mother have to know you have/are a part of a bridal party?

Rosalyn's shameless ring selfie.

Rosalyn’s shameless ring selfie.

I understand this is one of the biggest – if not biggest – event in a person’s life, but must you post an update on how far your big day is – every month?  If there were 7 months left in February I am aware that there are now 6 months left in March. Surely, myself and the rest of your friends/followers can figure out the math. (I should mention numbers aren’t my strong suit).

Still not sure what’s worse; the countdowns, the photos with typical tiara and pink bride to be sash, or the couple photos with descriptions such as “I can’t wait to marry my best friend”, or “I’m so lucky to be with the man of my dreams/soul mate/angel etc. etc.” When I swear last year around this time y’all had broken up — but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve been engaged a few months. I am not a reluctant bride. I’ve done my research, I’ve taken a ring selfie, I’ve declared myself engaged on social media – hell, I think I even know what kind of dress I want. But, I haven’t outfitted my bridal party (total of 2; best man and MOH) in tacky outfits, assembled a group of poor souls to make favours etc. I haven’t even gushed about my groom or downloaded a countdown app.

It’s an exciting time – a really exciting time- but what surprise or thrill is left for your guests (or even yourself)  when you actually do get married and share those beautiful photos and status updates — ones actually worth sharing? No one will care, because damn, you’ve been over sharing for at least a year.

Whether it is to prevent myself from being hypocritical or simply, my lack of bridal enthusiasm, I just haven’t reached this level of bridezilla-ism many female engaged folk have. (To be fair, I haven’t a clue if they’re actually bridezillas, but you’d think the same if your Facebook news feed looked like mine — which reminds me there is a privacy setting for that …)

However, I am a fair observer, my big day is still more than a year away (mind the count there) so check back, bridezilla syndrome may infect me yet.

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