SAMCRO hoodie rebels against style mantra

I vowed to retire all forms of graphic tees and the like when I graduated from university. Then came along Jax Teller.

For those of you unfamiliar with FX’s Sons of Anarchy series (first of all, shame on you! Do you live under a rock or something?) Jackson “Jax” Teller is the leading character played by a very talented Charlie Hunnam. **video spoiler alert below** I can honestly say I don’t care for television too much and while I may try to pick up a popular TV series, nothing has truly driven me to tune in outside of Seinfeld, of course (the show about nothing never gets old, re-run after re-run).


More than a year ago, a good friend of mine was chatting about SOA and how I just had to watch this amazing series. The premise is based around an outlaw motorcycle club (not a gang, there’s a difference) situated in the fictional town of Charming, California. Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (the founding charter) encompasses everything from guns and drugs, murder and prison and even love and family. Problem was I was already four seasons behind, not to mention I didn’t have an interest in motorcycles, nor was I ever a fan of The Sopranos – as Sons is often described as a biker version of HBO’s Mafia-inspired series. I agreed to borrow her DVDs and give it a shot.

I was hooked after the first episode. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning watching episode after episode, knowing full well I would be a zombie the next day, but I had to know what happened next. If I ever met Kurt Sutter I would shake the man’s hand and tell him he’s a twisted genius. I caught up to the current season in no time and was now stuck watching a single episode per week as opposed to my episode binging.

Jax Teller played by Charlie Hunnam (right) seen with Chibs Telford played by Tommy Flanagan in season 4 of Sons of Anarchy. Photo courtesy of IMDB

Charlie Hunnam (right) seen with Tommy Flanagan in season 4 of Sons of Anarchy. Photo courtesy of IMDB

I hope that’s enough background for you, but this entry is about how I broke a promise to myself. As someone who stands firmly by her convictions, I spent a long time debating with myself if I should cave and purchase the coveted blue SAMCRO hoodie worn by Jax Teller on the show.

More importantly, was a graphic hoodie even age appropriate anymore?

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the finer things in life…especially the ones with red-bottom soles accompanied by price tags that should be criminal. I also firmly believe that you don’t need to blow the bank to look good. Most importantly, I think your personal style should be driven by what makes you feel comfortable, what brings a confident smile to your face before you head out the door.

Stefania wearing Jax Teller's badass SAMCRO hoodie

Stefania wearing Jax Teller’s badass SAMCRO hoodie

So when I finally agreed that owning the sweater was more important than some silly promise I made to myself, sure enough the FX Shop was sold out. Obviously.

I suppose I could have taken it as a sign not to purchase a hoodie worn buy a very attractive outlaw biker president, but I didn’t. Instead I told myself the sweater was sold out because it’s badass. I patiently waited and a few short weeks later I was happier than a pig in sh*t.

As for my personal style, I learned that making promises to rid your life of things you love just because you’re a certain age or at a different stage in your life is foolish. Wear what you love and make sure you rock it.

Now I just have to make sure I don’t wear the sweater out before FX airs the final season of SOA in September. It’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon, people.


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