Furniture shopping-a losing game of Tetris

There isn’t a shred of exaggeration when I say this — configuring furniture in a small space has become the bane of my existence.

Don’t get me wrong, home ownership comes with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. #BrushMyShouldersOff 

Even though I won’t technically own the place for another 25 years. Everyone I know is there to provide words of encouragement like, “This is so exciting!” or “OMG you are going to have so much fun decorating your place!” While it may all seem like rainbows and butterflies, I can’t help but acknowledge there are things like mortgage payments, bills, insurance, and now godforsaken furniture decisions that seem to cloud all that excitement. Not to mention the realization that if you’re not careful the big bad bank will come knockin’ on your door. #FirstWorldproblems, I guess.

My love having the time of his life shopping for sofas. Pulling a page from Goldilocks' fable, "This one is too hard." (Stefania Lamacchia photo)

My love having the time of his life shopping for sofas. Pulling a page from Goldilocks’ fable, “This one is too hard.” (Stefania Lamacchia photo)

I’ve spent the past few weekends now perusing through furniture stores with no success. To the mothers who have taken the time to accompany me, I say thank you. To my love who I forcefully dragged along, I appreciate you putting up with my indecisiveness. To my iPhone that continues to send me push notifications on my Houzz app, you’re killing my battery, but I suppose I asked for it.

I almost feel out of sorts when it comes to home design, a responsibility bestowed upon (mostly) women. I know exactly what I like, but can’t seem to bring my own thoughts to fruition in my blank slate of a house. I always considered myself a creative person, I can draw, I love photography and I will tackle an arts and crafts task worthy of praise from Martha Stewart herself. But there was just something about how to arrange a sofa or any form of sufficient seating in a living room that made me cringe and I finally figured out what it is.

Fact: I have never, ever been a fan of mathematics. (Hence the love of writing)

Fact: Furniture is about 3-dimensional shapes.

Fact: Growing up I would have chosen any Super Mario video game over Tetris. (Why did anybody find Tetris fun?)

With that being said, I’ve come to equate furniture arrangement to the final problem solving question on your math exam — the question worth the most points (or the items in your home with the highest price tag) and the question that confused me the most (…my house is still sans furniture).

Some people have big dreams like the house with the white picket fence or the ideal career that makes you jump out of bed every morning with a smile on your face.

Me? I hope for an answer to my math predicament. While I’ve never condoned cheating on frivolous tests that are certainly not a true measure of a student’s capabilities, I am now open to suggestions, thoughts, crib notes or the like that will result in me having a comfortable place to put my feet up.



5 thoughts on “Furniture shopping-a losing game of Tetris

  1. Great blog! I feel for you. You want to get it right and even when you do…in 8-10 years, you’re going to look at it all and say “what the heck were we thinking?”Happy furniture hunting and designing.

    • Thanks, Rosanne! I’m realizing now there are others who have struggled with this just like me. I guess those words of encouragement I received were just a way to “cushion” the blow. Live and learn 🙂

  2. I felt the same way BUT trust me when I say it will all work itself out. The biggest thing to remember is not to overwhelm yourself with furnishing the entire house all at once. Buy your essentials and the rest as you go along. As for placing furniture, it’s your house, you can move it anywhere at anytime until it feels right. You will surprise yourself at how great a decorating job you did when you sit back, take a breath and go day by day. It may not be perfect, nor does it have to be, right away. I can’t wait to see it :). Congratulations again on the best investment (debt) you can ever have!

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