Why concerts foster friendships

When Stefania and I first talked about starting a blog together we knew one thing for sure, it would be about our misadventures.

It’s not exactly that things would go wrong per se, it’s just that funny or weird things would happen sometimes, (Read Stef’s blog on this proposal we witnessed) Things that would make you say, “That would only happen to us”.

Watch the Throne concert with Jay-Z and Kanye West in Toronto, November 2011. (Rosalyn Solomon photo)

Watch the Throne concert with Jay-Z and Kanye West in Toronto, November 2011. (Rosalyn Solomon photo)

For instance, in Journalism school we trekked through a graveyard in Toronto’s east end for hours to try and get a quote from someone on a crime story assignment. We joked we’d end up getting the quote from that typical, creepy old guy you see in the movies who works at the graveyard — he was very nice to give us his time.

Or, one of our club nights out with university friends, we spend the evening discussing outfit plans decided on the standard dark jeans, black tank and black pumps only to see everyone else dressed in runers and PJs (It was called the Dance Cave).

There was also a time we were swarmed by people trying to give out nudie cards and magazines on the Las Vegas strip because we made the mistake of thinking it would be funny if we asked for one or two as joke to bring home for some of our guy friends.

I can go on and on, but if ever there’s been an adventure (‘mis’ or not) it’s been the concerts we’ve seen.

Alicia Keys, Usher and Trey Songz, Jay-Z and Kanye West — and last year, my favourite of favourites, the Queen, Beyonce.

The OMG Tour with Usher, December 2010. (Rosalyn Solomon photo)

The OMG Tour with Usher, November 2010. (Rosalyn Solomon photo)

Say what you will, hate if you feel you must, my fandom for Mrs. Carter is nearly unshakable.

I told Stef I was implementing a $75 budget on myself for merch, or course when we go there, I wanted to buy everything. Stef sensibly convinced me to get two items (still under budget).

We had an ammmaaazzzing time, and yes, I may have teared a bit, but the tears did not fall so I was NOT crying – unlike the two girls in front of us who were literally bawling their eyes out.

Rosalyn sports her Beyonce hat at the Mrs. Carter Show with Beyonce in Toronto, June 2013. (Rosalyn Solomon photo)

Rosalyn sports her Beyonce hat at the Mrs. Carter Show with Beyonce in Toronto, June 2013. (Rosalyn Solomon photo)

I ended up going to watch Queen Bey again a few months later when she returned, and I went by myself. Still the most amazing time.

Now, here we are. Two and half weeks until Beyonce and Jay-Z come to Toronto for the On the Run Tour. I put in WORK to get these tickets. We are going with my other two girlfriends.

Of course outfits have been discussed. I found the perfect tee online, but made the mistake of waiting to order and it sold out.

Lo, and behold I find a t-shirt printing place near my work and am having the t-shirt made for half the price. And since it’s half the price (less than half, actually, if you count shipping) I’m getting myself two shirts, because that’s just how we in the Beyhive roll.  And if you don’t know what the Beyhive is — to the left.

Long story short, another misadventure is just around the corner, and I must say to Stefania, as I am saying to you, gracious reader I cannot contain myself. Not only because of who we are going to see, but who I am seeing them with.

If you have read any of our other posts, Stef and I are going through the growing pains and joys of what must be adult-hood. Our schedules, and our resources are stretched and misadvenutres just don’t come along like they used to (Like, you know, planning a Las Vegas trip last minute). But that just makes the adventures that do come, so much more special.

Stay tuned, we’ll likely have a follow-up.


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