Throwing rocks at a milestone birthday

The milestone birthday, what is it exactly that gets people so crazy about it? “What are the party details? Are you taking the day off work? What special plans have you got organized?” The list of questions leading up to the day are endless.

So for starters, I suppose I am not the kind of person who relishes in being the centre of attention; who would adorn myself in a sparkly “Birthday Girl” sash; heck I don’t even really like cake — I’m more of a pie kind of girl. To each their own, right?

Trendsetting at 2 years old with that outfit, as Rosy pointed out, "Metallics are in now."

Trendsetting at 2 years old with that outfit. As Rosy pointed out, “Metallics are in now.”

But can we at least agree the importance we place on birthdays is a little extreme at times? Are we not all just celebrating each of our glorious escapes from the protective confines of the womb? Maybe when you’re old enough to realize that blowing out candles in one breath doesn’t actually make your deepest desires come to fruition, that you finally accept birthdays are just like any other day.

Apparently holding on to my sister for dear life was was needed to blow out birthday candles.

Apparently holding on to my sister for dear life was needed to blow out birthday candles.

I sound self-deprecating, don’t I? It’s just something about those milestone birthdays that forces you to look back on your life. In other words, what you have and have not achieved, yet. Don’t get me wrong, I think the experiences I have under my belt will certainly make for some colourful pages in my memoir (should I ever choose to write one). However, I will admit there are unwritten chapters that perhaps a decade ago, I thought would have been easy feats.

Birthdays, especially your first real milestone, remind you that time is fleeting. That sometimes balloons and sparklers don’t change your circumstance. But by no means should this give the impression that you’re sad or ungrateful for what your past years have offered you thus far.

The things that are most important, the ones you desire the most, don’t often come wrapped in decorative paper. Except a pair of red bottom shoes, those would look absolutely divine. Sadly, I can no longer justify such extravagance, even if I am treating myself just this one time…but I digress.

The good company of friends, the infectious giggle of my niece, sharing a bowl of popcorn and glass of wine with my love — these are the moments I can have any day of the week. These are the moments that mean more than a big bash, and if I might add, would come with a level of planning and organization that is far beyond my desire to invest in.

And yes, I will admit, bidding adieu to your twenties is kind of hard — probably tougher than the quarter-life crisis and what I imagine is likely nowhere near as rough as the mid-life crisis (thankfully I have quite a ways before then).  #FirstWorldProblems

The untimely demise of the big three-oh candle #SorryNotSorry

The untimely demise of the big three-oh candle #SorryNotSorry

As a colleague so poignantly pointed out, “You’ve moved on to the next checkbox now” — hmm, touché. I’m okay with that though and not because I’ve come to terms with aging, but more so because still getting carded at the bar is more than just a compliment now, but a confirmation that I rocked my twenties and I’ve come out unscathed by the effects of time.

So bring it on ‘Dirty Thirty’ — I’m more experienced now.



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