Ronda Rousey’s UFC return goes beyond the octagon

There is something about Ronda Rousey’s return that’s got me riled up.

Not in a bad way, but in an excited, empowering and encouraging one.

She’s back.

She’s just as bad-ass.

And if those promo ads haven’t convinced you (yet) that she’s not only got the meanest mug in the business, but she’s not one to back down – I must ask, what more do you want?

I will never forget the feeling of disappointment and hurt when I watched her defeat against Holly Holm at UFC 193  on Nov. 15. I watched the fight at a friend’s house, surrounded by men (my own partner included) who booed her and cheered when she lost. “Why don’t you lke her?” I asked them.

“She sucks.”

“She’s cocky.”

“She can’t box.”

She sucks? Up until this fight, she dominated every one of her opponents, most fights not even going past the first round.

She’s cocky? Rousey put on the same bad-ass, no one can mess with me attitude male fighters, such as Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have had their entire careers. Once being undefeated holding the women’s bantamweight championship belt longer than any of the winners who followed her, fighting sometimes twice a year, banking in on movie appearances and releasing a book. Has she not earned her right to strut a little bit?

She can’t box? It’s no secret Judo is her bread and butter, it is her go-to, her expertise, and her specialty. No, she doesn’t throw razor-sharp jabs or clean hooks, but she has transformed her skills into a mixed martial artist. Each fighter in MMA has one style that suits them best, what makes her different? Plus, would you test her skills and take a punch from her? Yeah, didn’t think so.

In September 2015, I attended that Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. Put on by Tidal, the headliners were Beyonce and the Weeknd. My friend and I drove eight hours there, luckily for me she understood and supported my Bey-obsession. At the beginning of her performance of ‘Diva’ she used a clip from a Rousey interview. In it, Rousey explains the term “do-nothing bitch” and how she wasn’t one. Here’s the clip:

Needless to day, I lost my shit. How could it be that two powerful, inspiring women that admire come together in this way? It was perfection. I felt high, not from the secondary marijuana smoke around me, but from inspiration. I felt like I could leave that park and do anything, two women supporting each other on this huge stage, thousands of people watching and hearing this message – yass, ladies, this is it.

While I won’t discount Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 on Dec. 30, I still have to go with my girl Rousey. She’s back with a chip on her shoulder and something to prove.

There’s nothing more powerful than a woman on a mission and I can’t wait to see it.

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