Contemplating social media’s filter phenomenon

It would probably be incredibly difficult to find someone who’s never heard of Instagram. If you are familiar with the ‘gram, then you, myself and billions worldwide are guilty of spending more hours than we’d like to admit scrolling through pictures and videos. Even those of you who refuse to fully make the network plunge, and instead opting to peruse the feed via the accounts of those trusting enough to share their credentials with you. Yeah, you know who you are. 

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The question I hate most at weddings

In true #TBT fashion, we’ll be throwing it back to long-lost stories. The ones in which we did put pen to paper (in a 2017 kind of way), but for whatever reason remained tucked away in the unpublished folder.

The Year of Weddings: circa February 15th, 2016.

Why we didn’t publish: No good reason at all. That’s the truth.

Aside from 2015 marking the year I turned 30, it was also the year of weddings. Six to be exact, and with every joyous celebration of love there was an accompanying bridal shower in advance of that date. So realistically, that was about 12 events, 12 outfits, 12 gifts, and likely far more than a dozen times I had to hear the line, “So, when are you getting married?”

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Throwing rocks at a milestone birthday

The milestone birthday, what is it exactly that gets people so crazy about it? “What are the party details? Are you taking the day off work? What special plans have you got organized?” The list of questions leading up to the day are endless.

So for starters, I suppose I am not the kind of person who relishes in being the centre of attention; who would adorn myself in a sparkly “Birthday Girl” sash; heck I don’t even really like cake — I’m more of a pie kind of girl. To each their own, right? Continue reading

Drunk off praise

You always, even in secret, aim to achieve great things in life. Like winning two editorial awards as a rookie journalist or being recognized by your community for your volunteer work, each become details of my Roaring Twenties, so to speak. But the moments you least expect like when your boyfriend’s brother, Jesse, tells you he’s proud of you shortly after my three-man team drank our way to Can Pong victory — well those are the unexpected accomplishments that spice up my glory days.

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SAMCRO hoodie rebels against style mantra

I vowed to retire all forms of graphic tees and the like when I graduated from university. Then came along Jax Teller.

For those of you unfamiliar with FX’s Sons of Anarchy series (first of all, shame on you! Do you live under a rock or something?) Jackson “Jax” Teller is the leading character played by a very talented Charlie Hunnam. **video spoiler alert below** I can honestly say I don’t care for television too much and while I may try to pick up a popular TV series, nothing has truly driven me to tune in outside of Seinfeld, of course (the show about nothing never gets old, re-run after re-run).

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The dreaded purge

Every year there comes a time, a dreadful time, when I need to muster enough energy to tackle the worst of tasks — the closet purge. I can’t explain why I struggle with this. I have never been diagnosed with any sort of obsessive compulsive disorder and I can’t say I have any sentimental attachment to any article of clothing or shoes or random knick-knacks that resides inside this tiny space. Continue reading

Outgrowing club culture

Last month I did something I very rarely do now that I’m in my late 20s — I headed to King West to dance the night away in celebration of a friend’s birthday. I’m more than content to do as the lucky birthday guy/gal chooses to commemorate being another year older…even if it isn’t on my top list of things to do. Continue reading