Fitness advice from the heart: Kindness over comparison

We’ve been talking a lot about Instagram lately. We’re not hating on the platform, merely examining things that come with it; image, transparency, identity.

Let’s take the fitness movement for example. Fitness models, body builders, personal trainers they push and promote their programs, diets, supplements, that horrid “fit tea”  to the masses and yes, a lot of the times it works. Hell, my husband recently hired his very first personal trainer and he found him on Instagram.


Rosalyn planking the wrong way (as usual) during a Nike workout in downtown Toronto. Photo: @doncharleone

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Contemplating social media’s filter phenomenon

It would probably be incredibly difficult to find someone who’s never heard of Instagram. If you are familiar with the ‘gram, then you, myself and billions worldwide are guilty of spending more hours than we’d like to admit scrolling through pictures and videos. Even those of you who refuse to fully make the network plunge, and instead opting to peruse the feed via the accounts of those trusting enough to share their credentials with you. Yeah, you know who you are. 

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Why Instagram is like window shopping (sometimes)

Instagram is like window shopping for the life you wish you had.  That line came to me as I was doing my nightly scroll through the ‘gram.


Who isn’t guilty of posting a vacation selfie to Instagram? This one didn’t make my feed, but I had plenty others from last October’s trip to Mexico.

I don’t know the origin of the phrase FOMO (fear of missing out) but I swear it must’ve been birthed because of, or around the same time Instagram became to be.

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The question I hate most at weddings

In true #TBT fashion, we’ll be throwing it back to long-lost stories. The ones in which we did put pen to paper (in a 2017 kind of way), but for whatever reason remained tucked away in the unpublished folder.

The Year of Weddings: circa February 15th, 2016.

Why we didn’t publish: No good reason at all. That’s the truth.

Aside from 2015 marking the year I turned 30, it was also the year of weddings. Six to be exact, and with every joyous celebration of love there was an accompanying bridal shower in advance of that date. So realistically, that was about 12 events, 12 outfits, 12 gifts, and likely far more than a dozen times I had to hear the line, “So, when are you getting married?”

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Teyana Taylor’s Vogue video a taste of her workouts to come on Fade2Fit

It’s the 19th of January do you know where your fitspirations are?

Thanks to singer and dancer Teyana Taylor, I sure do. Upon pre-bedtime Instagram scrolling last night, I happened across a clip of Taylor’s new dance workout video in collaboration with Vogue.

A screenshot of Teyana Taylor

A screenshot from Teyana Taylor’s dance workout video with Vogue. (YouTube)

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Ronda Rousey’s Instagram post hits close to home

She lost.

In 48 seconds, all the hype, the excitement, and not to mention, the money pumped into welcoming Ronda Rousey back to the UFC came crashing down with every punch Champion Amanda Nunes threw.

I was heartbroken for her. The predictable headlines ensued, was she ever that good to begin with? Will she retire? Go to the WWE? Disappear completely from the spotlight? She did. Rousey didn’t take part in the post-fight interviews, she, nor her team released an official statement after the Dec. 30 bout. Until  today.

A simple post on Instagram. A famous quote from ‘Harry Potter’ author, JK Rowling: “And so rock bottom became the foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

In black and white, the message is quite clear that what’s next for the former champion is not known (to the public at least) but she’s got a plan.

This post rings with me personally, not just because I’m a Rousey fan (and a JK Rowling fan) but because I’m also going through changes.

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Ronda Rousey’s UFC return goes beyond the octagon

There is something about Ronda Rousey’s return that’s got me riled up.

Not in a bad way, but in an excited, empowering and encouraging one.

She’s back.

She’s just as bad-ass.

And if those promo ads haven’t convinced you (yet) that she’s not only got the meanest mug in the business, but she’s not one to back down – I must ask, what more do you want?

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Things learned from a weekend marriage course

Should I expect you to change or should you expect me to change after our wedding? If so, in what way?

This question stared at me from an exercise page titled ‘Three Stages of Love’. My fiance and I attended an ‘Engagement Encounter’ program recently. Both being Catholic and planning a small church ceremony ahead of our destination wedding this year, we’re required to take this weekend seminar or, a similar course over six weeks.

Exercise sheets from the marriage course my fiance and I attended. (Photo: Rosalyn Solomon)

Exercise sheets from the marriage course my fiance and I attended. (Photo: Rosalyn Solomon)

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When saying “Yes” to the dress turns into second-guessing

“Say yes to the dress” is now a famous phrase thanks to TLC’s reality show on purchasing your dream wedding gown.

With one year left eight months until I tie knot, and having been engaged for more than a year already, I found myself on that endless Internet search of white lace and tulle. I made up my mind a long time ago that I would go to two stores – three maximum, if needed.

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Throwing rocks at a milestone birthday

The milestone birthday, what is it exactly that gets people so crazy about it? “What are the party details? Are you taking the day off work? What special plans have you got organized?” The list of questions leading up to the day are endless.

So for starters, I suppose I am not the kind of person who relishes in being the centre of attention; who would adorn myself in a sparkly “Birthday Girl” sash; heck I don’t even really like cake — I’m more of a pie kind of girl. To each their own, right? Continue reading